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Google My Business helps you create and manage your online presence across Google, including search results, maps, and more. Get the most out of your business with free tools to help you find new customers and grow your local customer base.

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Increase Your Online Visibility

In a market saturated with SEO firms that often overcharge and underdeliver, we recognized a pressing need to offer quality services tailored to Med Spas without emptying their pockets. Our motivation stems from witnessing countless Med Spas struggle to gain visibility, all while grappling with exorbitant fees and unmet promises. At Local Rising Marketing, we’re committed to reshaping this narrative by offering effective and affordable solutions, ensuring that every Med Spa gets the online recognition it truly deserves.


Case Study: Med Spa Doubles Phone Calls with Local SEO

In the heart of Nashville, a top-rated Med Spa struggled to generate sufficient phone calls from their Google My Business (GMB)/Google Business Profile, hindering their potential for growth and customer outreach.

Service Overview

  • Client Profile: Top Rated Med Spa in Nashville
  • Location: Nashville, TN
  • Services: Aesthetics, Body Contouring, Laser Hair Removal
  • Duration: 2 Months to Double calls, has been a client for 3 years
  • Key Challenges: Although ranking well for organic keywords, the Med Spa faced challenges in visibility on Google Maps.
  • Solutions Provided: Our team implemented targeted local SEO tactics, including GMB optimization and extensive citation building, to enhance online visibility for keywords relevant to potential patients.
  • Outstanding Outcome: Within just two months, the Med Spa experienced a doubling of phone calls, signifying a significant increase in patient engagement and interest.

Med Spa SEO Features

  • GMB Optimization: Optimizing the Google Business Profile for maximum impact.
  • Keyword Research: Identifying terms and phrases most likely to be used by potential patients.
  • Geo Networks and Niche Networks: Targeting specific geographical and niche markets.
  • Citations: Building a robust profile of references to the Med Spa across the web.
  • Case Studies: Demonstrating the effectiveness and quality of services through detailed case studies.

Med Spa Benefits

  • Increased Online Presence: A more prominent and influential digital footprint.
  • More Phone Calls: A substantial 306% increase in phone calls, leading to higher patient engagement.
  • Enhanced Website Visits: Driving more potential patients to the Med Spa’s website.

Med Spa SEO Problems Addressed

  • Previous Marketing Inefficiencies: Overcoming the shortcomings of the previous marketing team, particularly in GMB management.
  • GMB Optimization Challenges: Addressing and rectifying issues with the Google My Business profile.

Med Spa SEO Solutions Offered

  • Website Optimization: Correcting and enhancing website elements including internal links, external links, meta/title tags, and URL structure.
  • Content Creation: Developing case study blogs to highlight successes and expertise.
  • Local Citations: Building a network of local citations to improve local SEO presence.


Our team led to a remarkable transformation for the Nashville Med Spa. Within a short span of two months, the Med Spa not only doubled its phone calls but also saw substantial improvements in overall calls, revenue, and reputation. This case study stands as a testament to the power of well-executed local SEO strategies in the highly competitive Med Spa industry.

When they started with us 50 calls per month. 119 calls per month by the second month.

Now Over 200 Calls a Month!

We Increased their visibility for one of the hardest keywords to rank for.

Boost Your Business with Local SEO: Why It’s Essential for Your Success

Local SEO is pivotal for any business looking to stand out in its community. It’s not just about being found online; it’s about being found by the right people – your local customers. Here’s how our comprehensive Local SEO services can make a difference for your business:

GBP Optimization

  • Optimized Google My Business Listing and Website: We ensure that your GMB listing and website are perfectly tuned to capture local searches, making your business more visible to the community.

GMB Services

  • Complete Category Management: We meticulously fill out categories and subcategories, add keyword-rich descriptions, and create targeted subcategories to enhance your GMB profile.
  • Monthly Posting Schedule: Stay active and engaging with 10 pre-scheduled monthly posts, ensuring your GMB profile is always up-to-date and relevant.

Local Engagement

  • Interactive Q&A Sessions: We host question/answer sessions on your GMB profile to engage with your audience and provide valuable information.
  • Local Keyword Optimization: Target local customers effectively by optimizing for keywords that they are searching for.

Image and Citation Management

  • Image Optimization and Geo-Tagging: We optimize and geo-tag images to boost local search visibility.
  • Business and Niche Citations: Strengthen your online presence with strategic citations in both general and niche directories.

Online Authority Building

  • Social Account Management: Enhance your social media presence for greater engagement and brand visibility.
  • Premium Press Releases: Get the word out about your business with professional press releases.
  • Niche Link Building: Strengthen your website’s authority with quality niche backlinks.

Advanced SEO Techniques

  • Google Ultimate Map Stack: Maximize local visibility with a customized Google Map stack.
  • Geo and Niche Silo Pages: Create dedicated pages for specific geographic areas and niches to target local markets effectively.

Multimedia Integration

  • Photos and Videos: Utilize multimedia content to engage users and showcase your business.
  • Reputation Management System: Maintain a positive online reputation and manage feedback effectively.

Showcasing Success

  • Before and After Case Study Pages: Highlight your success stories and client transformations, provided by you, to build trust and credibility.

Local SEO isn’t just a strategy; it’s a necessity in today’s digital world. By optimizing your online presence with our comprehensive local SEO services, you’re not just reaching an audience; you’re engaging with your community. Let us help you dominate your local market and become the go-to business in your area!

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We will not send any spam emails or SMS messages. Not a med spa but would like to see you rankings, no problem fill out the form and we will send you a video.