Promotional Products in Nashville, TN

promotional products nashville tn

Promotional products are often called “swag.” They present a useful way for potential customers and clients to remember your company when the need arises. Now, fiinding quality promotional products in Nashville just got a whole lot easier. With Local Rising Marketing, we can take the guesswork out of creating useful and memorable promotional products that won’t end up in the trash. 

The first documented promotional products came from our early colonial history. In 1789 the US government released a commemorative button celebrating George Washington’s presidential election. 

The primary reason that promotional products work so effectively in boosting your business is that most people are tactile. Having a product they can experience with their senses prevents them from barking up the wrong tree. They won’t be chasing their tails trying to remember your company. Instead, they’ll have your name and number right there in their hands. 

Don’t Be Hounded by Promotional Products

Creating effective promotional products doesn’t mean slapping your information on the side of everything. Choosing strategic products can be the difference between “top of mind awareness” and the trash can. 

There are products used in promotions that are seen regularly. Some are reused for years, others passed on to others when they’re no longer needed. That keeps your brand in front of people’s minds for far longer than disposable products. Also, choosing reusable products keeps your company out of the doghouse with environmental activists. 

Promotional Product Statistics


Recent research shows that 90% of people who receive a practical promotional item remember the branding. In that same study, 80% of people actually remembered the messaging. Reusable promotional products are seen regularly and 63% of consumers will pass them to others when they’re done with them. 


Practical promotional products are 60% more likely to be kept for up to two years longer than disposable products. Things like logoed coffee mugs and reusable tote bags create a favorable impression. 


Mugs and tumblers are more effective than radio and television advertising. 57% of people polled were able to recall a company from a cup. Only 32% recalled radio or television advertisements. 


Nearly 6000 people see reusable shopping bags in their lifetime and longer if the user is consistent. The bag is often passed along, which is hundreds of impressions per month for your company. Bags and writing instruments tie for the least expensive promotional product per impression. In the US, 31% of all consumers own at least one promotional bag. 

Demographic Conversions

According to Princeton Marketing, 52% of trade show attendees will enter a booth giving away swag. Mixing promotional products into your business advertising campaign has the potential to be 44% more productive. 


Another statistic that is easily tracked with promotional products is the number of customers that work with your business before and after they receive promotional products. Before receiving the promotional product, 55% of consumers claim to have done business with that company. After receiving swag, that number increased to 85% within one year. That’s 17 out of every 20 people becoming a customer!


People want useful promotional products and 48% of consumers have requested more of them. When they’re helpful they’re sought after. For example: Over 61% of people use physical calendars in their homes. Over 50% of people who own smartphones don’t use the calendar feature, preferring promotional calendars instead. 


Some companies have created a following of their promotional products, enticing their customers to visit to receive the products. For example: In the Pacific Northwest, Dutch Bros Coffee has a monthly sticker. People flock to their stands on the first of each month to collect these stickers. They then add them to their branded travel mugs, cars, laptops, and more. All items that will be seen by others. 


Women seem to prefer tote bags, writing tools, and stationary (like magnetic calendars). While men prefer ballcaps, coffee mugs, and wearable promotional materials. Totes and pens see the most frequent exposure. They’re the least commonly disposed of and the highest return on investment (ROI). 


The industries that invest most heavily in promotional products are education, finance, not-for-profit, healthcare, and construction. The promotional products industry has grown in leaps and bounds since the early days of the first trade show, held in 1914.

Nashville, TN Promotional Products

Thousands of tourists, dreamers, and commuters flock to Nashville, TN, every day. This is the perfect metropolitan city to promote your business with reusable, practical gear. With a residential population of over 669,000 people, you have a ton of opportunity to get your company out there. 

Further, Nashville hosted 15.2 million visitors in 2018. Those people spent an insane amount of money in the local economy. Promoting your business to travelers is also a great way to put your company at the top of their minds. 

The 2018, Jack Daniel’s Music City Midnight New Year’s Eve event brought in $23 million in spending in one night. Imagine what your business could do in partnership with Local Rising Marketing’s promotional products. Especially during any of Nashville’s festivals and celebrations. Nashville is one of the fastest-growing music cities in the world and has over 30,000 hotel rooms in the Nashville metro. That’s a lot of opportunity just waiting for you. 

Invest In Your Local Team

Local Rising Marketing is local, it’s in our name. We know this city and its people better than anyone. Through experience, research, and listening to the shifting markets, we can ensure that our promotional products will hit the most effective portions of the market. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to discuss your business’ marketing opportunities. 

We are loyal to our values, and that means helping you succeed. Our focus is on bringing better brand cohesion and awareness to up and coming businesses in and around Nashville. We aim to be the most efficient Nashville, TN marketing company. If you succeed, we succeed.